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Monday, November 17, 2014

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Just so you don't miss out, I am blogging on the QuietStar blog page, and haven't copied all of them to this blog site yet.  Please visit the link to find out what I've been up to!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Meditation for All excuses...

I have been meditating forever, it seems. In my Master’s program in Transpersonal Psychology many years ago, a teacher asked: “Who meditates ‘wrong’?” Everyone raised their hand!  What I’ve discovered is that any meditation is surely better than no meditation, and I don’t think there is a “wrong” way to do it! 
The trick is to find out which techniques you like enough to do on a regular basis! I’ve been working with this, and have come up with a menu of techniques to satisfy some of those objections… If your mind needs to “help”, we’ve got things for it to do, Don’t worry if you can’t sit still...moving  meditation might be for you.  Essential oils go directly to the primitive brain and can create relaxation and spiritual connection without the conscious mind.
I believe in this time of profound change and awakening, that our ability to connect with Spirit and our deep Selves is crucial for us to follow the urgings of our Souls.  
For the first time, this Summer, I will be offering this meditation course designed for any level of experience. Hope you can join us! 

Love and Light, Elaina
Course meets 3 Mondays, July 15, 22, 29, 2013. Follow this link to registration! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

HigherSelf~Spirit Guides Course...Where Did it Come From?!?

I was pondering the upcoming HigherSelf course and remembered how much fun it was to create it!  Back in those days, I wasn’t even “the channel”.  My then-partner, Stuart, channel for the Solari Group, was the channel while I wrangled the logistics and facilitated the group exercises and writing assignments.  I had taken many mediation, spiritual and personal growth courses of the years, and together with Spirit, Stuart and I created the first HigherSelf~Spirit Guides Course in Lanikai, Hawaii (Oahu) in 1990.  So, in co-creation with Spirit, we came up with concepts, questions, meditations and exercises for the class.  We were so delighted when they worked!  People found a deep connection to their HigherSelf and were able to access guidance directly.  Probably my favorite part was all the love we felt as we called in the HigherSelves of everyone in the group!  The love was palpable ~ you could feel this circle of unconditional love surrounding the group.  I could “see” the vibration in the room rising higher and higher.  After the foundation was set with clear HigherSelf connections and the presence of the Angels, we invited in the Spirit Guides.  I still remember the party I could see “them” having. They were so excited that “their humans” could now experience them directly!

So now, 23 years and hundreds of HigherSelf students later, that celebration is still so much fun for all of us! Some things have changed:  Stuart has gone on to do other work; I am now the vocal channel, QuietStar is in San Luis Obispo; Yvonne Roza teaches, too; HigherSelf is even taught through tele-seminars.  And we’ve divided the original 12-week course into HigherSelf 1 and 2.  But the basic “curriculum” remains the same:  we start by building a clear connection with the HigherSelf as a foundation; do the inner work to clear out the interference, develop a daily spiritual practice, then connect with our team of non-physical helpers.

I consider this Course to be one of the greatest gifts I have been given to share.  I am honored to be part of this process with every class that comes together.  Each group is always so different!  I can’t wait to see what the next one is like. 

Love and Light, Elaina

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oregon Cycling Tour, Day 8: There's Been a Miracle!

Two miracles, really.  First, (sing along with me) "The Su-un came ou-ut, and dried up the Land-y, Land-y".  

Awoke to clear skies and the vrroom-vrroom of my inner cyclist wanting to get going.  We had already decided to skip one of our destinations due to the big rain delay, and I had a bee in my bonnet that I'd really like to get to Devil's Lake in Lincoln.  Our map indicated it was 40-some miles, but I figured I'd been resting....Now I know that if Bob had suggested this destination (after our agreement of 20-30 miles a day) I would have balked.  Somehow this was MY idea, so I was all for it.  Seemed like a good idea at the time!

After perusing our 3 maps, all with different opinions, we decided it was time to get off the highway and try a scenic, even if a bit longer, route.  "Old Scenic Hwy 101" turned out to be all of that and more.  For 10 miles, we wound through amazing, virgin (temperate) rain forest, with HUGE trees dripping with lichen.  The setting for all those tales of fairies, hobbits and more! 

I was mesmerized.  We pedaled past small farms, homes, and a wonderful-looking school.  We stopped to take pictures and enjoy the quiet.  Only a few cars passed us in over 10 miles of riding.  Toward the end of this beautiful route, we ascended a very big hill.  I had really resolved myself with doing the best I could.  When the time came, I just got off my bike and pushed.  When I looked back, my thought was: "I pedaled up THAT?!?!" This is a refrain that is becoming very familiar!  And, come to find out we were very near the top, too.   Bob discovered his "walking" gear on his bike; he could pedal at the same pace I could walk. We shared the experience of the beautiful scenery; miles of this: 

Over the top, and off we went back on the Highway, with all the traffic.  But I had experienced the quintessential Oregon Coast ride, and I focused on that.  Aware of all the support, from all dimensions, I pedaled on!

The second miracle:  51 miles; 5 hours 15 minutes actual pedaling time.  The longest ride ever for Elaina! Even with an "empty" bike, my longest day before that was 37 miles.  I felt elated, starving, and glad to be a physical being!  Our campground was dubbed an "urban" campground in the guidebooks.  The hiker-biker site, right inside the entrance, was just across the street from residential homes!  But looking in the other direction, it seemed to be on the edge of the wilderness!  This was my first experience in a "hiker-biker" site at at campground, and it reminded me of a hostel.  Everyone doing what we were doing...cycling the Oregon Coast! Now I understand why people like these sites so much!

After we settled in, we went off to explore the "urban" offerings...It was a new experience to walk a block and be on a busy, commercial street with Pizza places, stores and plenty of traffic.  

Looking forward to exploring Devil's Lake itself and the beach in the morning!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Soul Path Alignment in the most interesting places!

Sunday, September 18, 2011. Tillamook, Oregon.  Ah, sweet surrender!  Yesterday morning, I awoke to the soft patter of raindrops on our tent...surely it was just a mist as no rain was in the forecast for 2 more days!  But, alas, it kept raining, increasing over time.  We stayed snugly in our tent, knowing it would blow over, but, alas, it increased!  Being the adventurous souls we are, we hauled everything to this little overhang area where we shook, wiped, and packed up our bikes!  Off we headed for Tillamook (2 miles away!) and our motel, to dry out.  Picture of our indoor campsite and drying room:

We are still here!  It's still raining! Tomorrow promises some sun; we are leaving even if it's not true!  We've had plenty of time to dry out, explore Tillamook, human population 4400, cow population much greater, we think.  Eau de cow patties wafts everywhere.  "Why are we in Tillamook?" I wondered,   "Does everything REALLY happen for a reason?"  After searching the internet for the like-minded souls (no hits found on Google for yoga or health food store or healing center or....), I meditated and asked to be guided to why I was here. I knew the first reason was the woman at the front desk at the motel. I headed out to "interview" her, with questions about yoga studios.  She had no info like that, but I told her that when I called to see if there was a room available, it was her voice on the phone that made us choose this motel.  She said she loves people.  I asked her "If you could do anything at all, had a magic wand, no limitations, what would you do?", expecting some lofty response.  Her answer:  "Exactly what I am doing...I LOVE my job."  We went on to have a conversation that left me absolutely clear that she was on her Soul Path, and I know nothing!!!

What's next, I asked?  It's still raining, but more softly.  Bob and I head out on a walk to the grocery store 7/10 mile away, after both knowing this is the direction to go.  (But no more info was coming our way at that point) We get "lost" and happen upon a store called "Moondancer".  The Proprietor, Evelyn, turns out to be the like-minded soul we were here to find.  Born and raised in Tillamook, always the oddball growing up, she has created a bead store (and stealth spiritual gathering place).  Bob makes a Hematite necklace, which I promptly borrow...and my headache finally subsides.  I play with the rocks and sprinkle love in all the aisles.  My heart was deeply touched by this woman doing her work in a place where she's not really understood.  We connected and laughed, and the Web of Light got another connection.

Evelyn's husband brings us our next destination...Contagion (the movie) is playing at the theatre around the corner.  We are SO adaptable...dinner was fetched at the Safeway Deli (land of Hi-Vibe road food!) and off we go. On the way, I suddenly wake up to the name of the movie, and wonder if it will give me nightmares (have to watch that sensitive person goes to the movies thing...).  Bob really wants to see it, so it was surrender time for me again.  Don't want to spoil the movie, but it turns out it really spoke to me.  I was never scared, not even once, because of focusing around the drama and on the deeper story. The take-away messages I hope people get are 1. We DO have some control over our how an epidemic might effect us (especially the health of our bodies/immune systems) and 2. To be aware that we might not always get the information about the simple, effective solutions through the mainstream media.  Cool messages from a "regular" movie!

This morning...more rain. We are here for another night.  This adventure sure is not what I expected; I have been learning to surrender, let go, and make the best of everything... I guess this is where I really get to practice all that I am learning!

Our sunny, dry campsite...we FINALLY are camping (Friday)

For those of you following this for a chronological report... between my last post and this one, we had one glorious, peaceful, beautiful, sunny-day ride along an almost flat stretch of coastline between Manzanita and Tillamook. Funny how the aha's and things to write about haven't really been coming from those kinds of days!  However, it does occur to me those 30 miles with a loaded bike were easy because of all that has come before. And I look forward to more of those easy, beautiful days! 

Here we are at the Tillamook Cheese factory at the end of that sunny amazing creation of a cooperative of local Dairy has turned into a big tourist attraction; they make 169,000 pounds/day with 2 shifts of workers.  They started this 100 years ago.  Can you imagine 100 years of co-operation???
Stopping to enjoy the scenery and a snack

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thank goodness for the Triplets of Belleville and my QuietStar team!

Can you see the Dancer between the trees?  Cape Arch, Oregon
Thursday evening notes:
While re-aligning myself yesterday, I continued to call in the help that I needed.   Step by step, I felt clearer and clearer.  Thanks, Robin (Klickstein) for your assistance in setting clear energetic boundaries.  At one point, I went into a visualization that Anita (Henry) had given me to make sure my mind was creating what I really wanted.  I realized that the only image I had of the next leg of our journey was me dragging up the two BIG hills I had seen on the map...oops! (I tried to photograph the side view of the hills from the guidebook, but no luck, so you'll have to wait for our post-trip slide show for that visual!) I know that what you visualize is what you get, so I kept asking for a new image, and waiting and waiting for it to show up.

In the evening, my wonderful partner was doing those miraculous Bowen moves on my neck and upper back, and as my body/energy cleared, up popped this great image from the Triplets of Belleville.  It's an animated film about bicycling....I saw this character just pedalling like mad up this hill, wheels spinning, looking very determined.  I knew immediately this was my totem for those hills. I kept replacing the old image with the new one in my thoughts, until the Triplets of Belleville were the dominant image. 

This morning, I woke up excited and ready to go. As we pedaled away from Neil's house, there was a heavy mist in the air. But I was ready, the Triplets in my head! For protection, we were accompanied by Archangel Michael and surrounded by a giant golden bubble, both installed by Mary (Hiestand) at QuietStar before we left. 

We pedaled into Cannon Beach, a beautiful town, and stopped at Sweet Basil's, an organic restaurant we heard about several times.  As it was only 10 am, we knew we would only be dreaming of the food.  As we are perusing the menu, it's starting to rain harder.  Under an overhang, we don our rain gear, and pedal on.  My big hills, the first with an uphill tunnel, loomed ahead. 

The scenery was beautiful, and we stopped a couple times to drink water, admire the amazing RAIN forest, and then get back on the bikes. Bob and I kept calling in the Triplets. Their feet spinning pushed mine along (I'm sure of it, their presence was so real!), and I actually pedalled all the way up BOTH mountains! 

One of the challenges today was negotiating places with narrow bike lanes, including bridges. At one point there was construction and flaggers controlling traffic, and we got to ride over a bridge all by ourselves, with the traffic stopped in both directions.  We are grateful for all the help. We continue to find ourselves in the right place, at the right time...(I know, you know that one!).

Soaked through our raingear, we stopped at a crossroads, and got more great route and dining suggestions from a local guy.  Over a GREAT Mexican lunch, in a nice warm, dry place, we decided to ponder a motel for tonight, as it was still raining.  We got another great tip, and found a simple little place where we created Hawaii by turning up the heat to dry all the clothes hanging around our room.

We are in a sweet little town, Manzanita, finding like-minded souls and stopping to smell the flowers! 
Dahlia in Manzanita, Oregon

Bob fills the Bragg's (Aminos) at Mother Nature's Store
  I visited Longevity, a yoga and healing studio, and found a couple great new products for the QuietStar store. Then Bob and I went to the Natural Food store, for provisions, where we connected with more people. 

For awhile now, I've been talking about connecting the Web of Light around the world.  I notice that's what's happening, even though it doesn't look like I imagined it would....

And Yvonne (Roza), thanks for all that you have taught me about attuning energy while travelling! It's so much fun to have all these tools!Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts...we feel 'em!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The power of that little CD we made!

Here we are in beautiful Seaside, Oregon.  Wow! What a trip so far.  After a great time ROASTING in Redding with Katie and Larry, we headed up to Portland, where they were also having record heat.  Time to burn away all the old, evidently.  Didn't I set an intention of transformation?? On the first day of riding, we were dropped off at the top of a BIG hill, so we would have an easy ride into Astoria.  The whole time, I am thinking: if this is an EASY day, I don't want to be around for a hard one.  I kept pedaling, focusing on the scenery and the strength I knew I had with each new hill we climbed.  When we reached Astoria, more hills!  The whole town is bisected by a tall hill/ridge.  Great views from the top...we'll leave it at that!  So our 15 mile easy ride, was 23 miles and a big challenge. 
When we arrived, Mimo wasn't expecting us...some communication snafu with her son.  But she welcomed us, and we had a relaxing evening.  This amazing tree was in their back yard.

Finally, I had the courage to ask Bob about our "easy" day.  He assured me this was one of the hardest days we would have.  I decided NOT to go home yet....It was actually fun, especially looking back! 

Day 2, off to another easy ride to Seaside, expecting 12 to 15 miles.  Kept my mind on track, and my pedals moving.  My first bridge crossing, the ride a little longer than predicted, but due to synchronicities, a "wrong" turn and the help of a local, we found an amazing route to take. Beautiful, sweeping views of the ocean, no cars.  Bob said, this might be the best route we find on the whole trip.  I countered with "This is a preview of ALL the great routes we will find on this trip!  This or better....Ah, here is the magic I am looking for!

We met up with our host when we first entered Seaside, and he sent us off the highway to reach his house.  Amazing route #2: The Promendade.  See picture at top of this blog entry.  Beautiful place..met two other touring cyclists (on their way to Argentina;  link to their blog)and enjoyed the town.  We are staying with a great man who travels and welcomes lots of guests into his home.  I noticed once we arrived I felt a little like I had jet lag.  I just wanted to we are in a great beach house, a few blocks from the beach. This feels like a vacation!!! I kept trying to tune into my body; no luck. Seemed like the phone line was down.  Kept doing things to rejuvenate and refresh.  Eventually, I realized that my ego wanted to hit the road running the next morning, to prove I could do it, but my body wasn't in tune with that plan. However, it took a headache and a sinus irritation to really get my attention.  Oh, that I would honor my true self earlier!   We considered staying here another day, and I went to sleep. Woke up at 5 am, and remembered that I had been guided to make sure I had a bunch of meditations loaded on my Droid so that I could re-balance if needed.   "The Bliss of Transformation" recorded by the QuietStar Band called to me.  I listened to the whole thing for the first time in awhile....and WOW!  I relaxed, my energies aligned and I felt the healing energy flood my body.  I felt connected to Spirit and to the QuietStar community all at once. Every time I listen to that recording, I find it strange, at first, to hear my own voice.  But then I began to be amazed that we really recorded that!  (CD is available through our online store or at QuietStar if you want to hear it yourself).  I was reminded what powerful energy came through us that day...and I have an inner urging to make it available to more people.  

It was such a powerful connection that I wonder if anyone else was "tuned in" around that time: around 6 am PDT this morning (Wed, 9/14) 

I went back to sleep and had a really amazing dream (saving that for another time!), woke up clear that I needed to stay put today, to blog, to write, to drink healing potions and prepare for tomorrow's adventure. 

I will load more pictures on the QuietStar page in Facebook, where I will be uploading pics throughout the trip. 

We appreciate your wishes for the wind to be at our backs, for me to remember that my body is strong, and for our way to be clear as we are "in the right place at the right time with the right stuff meeting the right people".  Love to all of you!  Elaina and Bob